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Tai-Chi (TaiJi Chuan)
Choy Lee Fut

Northern Shaolin

The common perception of Tai-Chi stops at the idea that it is an exercise that provides health benefits, thus, the enthusiasts are elderly citizens.

The statement holds true only when for practitioner does not explore the style further, and  also, there is no age limit for this style.

When practiced correctly, the style improves the practitioner's blood circulation, strengthens the skin, muscles and joints. Through deep breathing exercises, the style also helps develop the lungs and tones up the heart.

The practitioner will have develop clear and calm thinking, induces stable temperament, higher level of self-confidence and  increase the practitioner's life's vital force.

While offering the same health benefits, the style features a distinct combat focus. The style's fighting mechanics, as taught by Master Paul Chu, is practical in approach and once learned, the individual would be able to use it as a defensive stance when there's a threat to the person's quality of life.

There are weapons associated with this style, however, the straight-Sword (Gim) is the most popular.

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