Master Paul Chu Kung Fu Styles Schedule & Location Activities

           Master Paul Chu began his Kung Fu training as a child in Hong Kong learning Wing Chun, Northern Shaolin, and Tai Chi Chuan. As a young man he immigrated to Houston, Texas where he has run his school since 1980.

           After moving to the United States Master Chu had the good frotune of meeting and later training with 4th generation Choy Lee Fut master Yim Cheung and celebrated Grandmaster Chui Kwong Yuen. His depth of knowledge and experience in other Kung Fu styles helped him to quickly attain a very high level of expertise in Choy Lee Fut. As a result, Master Chu was recommended by Masters Yim and Chee Leung to learn advanced Choy Lee Fut techniques and theories under Grandmaster Chui Kwong Yuen in Hong Kong.

          Master Chu belongs to a tradition and lineage of instruction that is among the most honored and respected in all of the martial arts. With utmost dedication and gratitude to his teachers, Master Paul Chu is committed to helping spread Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu around the world.

Professional Affiliations:

Chairman, Ma-Kin-Fung Kung Fu Association, USA

Lifetime Honorary Chairman, Ma-Kin-Fung Kung Fu Association

Vice Chairman, Choy-Lee-Fut Hung-Sing Association, Fat San, Canton China

Chairman, Chui-Cheung Kung Fu Association, Houston, TX USA

Vice Chairman, Choy-Lee-Fut Chui-Cheung Kung Fu Association, Hong Kong

Vice Chairman, International Hung-Sing Choy-Lee-Fut Chui-Kwong-Yuen Kung Fu Students Association

Chairman, Shi-Tong-Chu Kung Fu Association, Houston, TX USA

International Seventh Degree Black Belt bestowed by Chui-Cheung Kung Fu Association, Hong Kong

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