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Iron Palm
Choy Lee Fut
Northern Shaolin

 Iron Palm training is a means of strengthening and conditioning the hand so that it may be used open and relaxed to deliver devastating strikes. Only recently have instructors begun to offer to teach these skills publicly. In the past, true iron palm training was reserved for only the most dedicated, trustworthy students. 

Wing Chun
Tai Chi
Iron Palm
Lion Dance

Known History of the Iron Palm King

Ku Yu Cheung(1894-1952)- Master Ku was trained in Northern Shaolin Lohan Kung Fu. As a young man he was a Sifu and courier, whose job it was to transport valuable goods from place to place in Northern China. Such men had to be skilled martial artists, as China was a very lawless place in the early years of this century. On many occasions Master Ku, using his "dao" (broadsword), faced multiple armed opponents. Several notorious bandits died in these encounters and it wasn't long before Master Ku had established a reputation as a righteous man and fierce fighter. Bandits were so terrified of him that he was able to ride alone or with only a few companions, carrying a banner bearing his name to warn thieves who might not recognize him. During his career he never lost a consignment!

In 1928, Master Ku, accompanied by his friend "Eagle Claw" Master Lau, encountered a strange spectacle in the marketplace. A Russian with a large horse had challenged all kung fu men to a test. The horse had been a cavalry mount and like all such animals had been taught to strike out with both hindlegs and forelegs. The beautiful prancing, rearing, and kicking actually had a deadly purpose. The horse's Russian owner had jeered at iron body training and declared that no kung fu man could take a kick from his horse without being seriously injured. The Russian challenged kung fu men to buy a chance to face his horse. If they could still stand after being kicked they won all the money collected from other kung fu men who had failed. Time after time, kung fu men were goaded into taking the challenge and each time were knocked out in turn, some of which were seriously injured. Unable to bear the Russians insults any longer Master Ku came forward and bought a chance to face the horse, but he made a strange request of the Russian. If he could sustain the horses kick without being injured, Master Ku would not take the money being offered. Instead, he asked only to be allowed to touch the horse one time. Needless to say, the Russian quickly agreed. As Master Ku adopted his stance, the Russian led the horse into position. The Russian gave the command and the horse reared and lashed out, striking Master Ku squarely in the chest. The jolt rocked him in his stance but failed to knock him down. The crowd that had assembled cheered and even the horse's owner was impressed at this prodigious display of strength. Now, to fulfill his end of the bargain, the Russian led the animal over in front of Master Ku. The kung fu man raised his hand and gave the animal what appeared to be a light swat on the middle of the back. The horse collapsed and died immediately, paying the price for his master's arrogance. The horse was later discovered to have a broken spine and ruptured internal organs. The amazed onlookers feeling that Chinese honor had been upheld mobbed the young sifu and from that day forward Ku Yu Cheung would be known throughout China as the "Iron Palm King".



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Master Paul Chu breaking three bricks

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